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Sacred Threads Exhibit, Washington DC

Dissected  Letting Go

I’m very pleased to say that I had 2 quilts accepted in the Sacred Threads Exhibit to be held in the Washington DC area

June 22 – July 4, 2011.

Church of the Epiphany

3301 Hidden Meadow Drive, Herndon, Virginia

Sacred Threads is an exhibition of

quilts exploring themes of spirituality, joy, inspiration, peace/brotherhood, grief and healing. This biennial exhibition was established to provide a safe venue for quilters  who see their work as a connection to the sacred and/or as an expression of their spiritual journey.

The objective is to create a dignified exhibition of artwork that touches on both spiritual and personal levels all those who view it. We want to share with others the experiences of quilters whose stories may be a source of healing and strength.

-from the Sacred Threads Website

The Quilts that were accepted:

Click Images for a Larger View.

Dissected            (Grief Category)Dissected


27” w x 67”

In order to heal, one must acknowledge all of the scary and ugly elements in a life. Feelings of being censored, judged, mistreated, abused and misunderstood were the driving force in the beginning of this piece.

There was grief in mourning parts of myself robbed of me; elements of “self” that can never be recovered.

After a period of time, I found elements of positivity: The realization that One can stitch the torn pieces of the self together again. I used a lot of symbolism throughout the piece that I leave to the viewer to interpret in her own way.

Letting Go       (Healing Category)


14.25” w x 25” h

I painted the center panel after a hurtful argument with my daughter when she was thirteen years old. I was having a very hard time coming to terms with her growing up. We were always so close and she was starting to hide things from me. She began defying me. I took it very personally.

As I continued to work this piece into a quilt, I explored memories and my feelings as a mother and her point of view as a young teenager. It was a therapeutic exercise in healing and accepting that my little girl was just growing up.

Other Art Quilters who will be exhibiting in this show

note:  I had a uploading issue today and some of the names are not linked properly.  Sorry!  I will fix this problem on Tuesday 5/3.

Jeanette Thompson 
Wen Redmond – Chasing Color
Kate Themel – After the Wake / Lemme See!
Mary Pal – Musing
Meena Schaldenbrand – Savor Every Second
Mary Beth Frezon – 36
Judy Momenzadeh – Jars of Clay
Cheryl Lynch
Laurie Ceesay – Venus Rising: Out of Addiction
Deborah Spincic – Continue / Temporary
Deborah Stanley – Apple Tree of Trees
Linda Edkins Wyatt – Eye of Panic / Antahkarana
Carol Howard Donati – Wine and Bread
Linda Miller
Jamie Fingal – Spilling Over
Judith Heyward – Imagine
Barbara Curiel – Fall Madonna
Marilyn Wall – A New Beginning


Sacred Threads is unique in a few ways:

  • The Artist’s Statement about the quilt is displayed with the quilt allowing the artist to express the inspiration for the work.
  • Viewers at the exhibit are given note cards to write responses to the artist about their quilts and the note cards are mailed to the artist after the show closes.
  • This is an exhibit where quilts that don’t usually have a suitable venue fit in beautifully.

The 2009 Exhibit In Ohio

Deeply Inspiring….

Beyond the Barrier – a Special Exhibit of Sacred Threads 2009

In the fall of 2008, prison Chaplain Jami Burns formed a new activity group at the Ohio Reformatory for Women in Marysville, OH which provided the participating inmates with an opportunity to express their life’s journey through quilting. Many of these women have never quilted before but their works give voice to powerful emotions and deep faith…

I was honored to have quilts in the 2009 Ohio exhibit when I was just starting out entering art quilts into shows.  See Earlier Works :  Kodachrome and Immortality.

My family went to Ohio for the weekend to attend that show.  It was a moving experience to say the least.  If you are in the Washington DC area, check it out!   

Thanks for visiting!




Fiber Sculpture: Another Leap part 2

What am I going to do with this thing?bzuazua-Leap-15

The threads are dry and now it’s time to remove it from the form.

The process of cutting away the molded threads from the form.


The molded fibers held together very well!  It kept it’s shape wonderfully.

Next, I stitched all of the cutting closed. 


Now What?  I’m still thinking about it. 


I made a second figure, as you can see.   I’m getting a Cirque du Soleil vibe with this.  I need to figure outa mount still too.


And The Winner Is…..

The Bowl sits waiting….


I’ve been adding names as they trickled in….


Finally it’s 8pm!!!


I enlisted my 10 year old kid to do the honors…


And the winner is…….

Jody from Arkansas!!!

Congrats Jody!!!  I’ll be in touch about shipping this quilt to you ASAP!


This was So Much Fun!  I think I might have to do this again!  Thanks to everyone who checked in and entered the drawing.   I hope you will come back to join in on my adventures in textiles.  

‘Til the tie dyes……….



Another Leap

bzuazua-Leap-3This is a fiber adventure I’ve been wanting to try for quite a while:  Sculpting a human form in the midst of joy and freedom!  In this case, I’m following the Leap! idea again. 

I first read about making fabric out of discarded threads and miscellaneous fibers in Quilting Arts Magazine a few years ago.  That method used starch to keep the form.  After trying it out I moved onto glue because it keeps it shape permanently. 


The bowl above is one of the first fiber bowls I made back in 2008.  It’s loaded with beading and wire supports. The woman who purchased this bowl is a bit of an eccentric artist and uses it as a hat for formal functions.  Yes, I’m serious!  Love it!

A post card from The Wayne Art Center announcing a call for entries for Craft Forms 2011 came in the mail  a week ago and the idea was revived.  This idea is perfect for that juried show and my thread clippings bucket was full!


For this application, I didn’t want to make a fabric.  I wanted the whole form to be only fibers.  So I approached the project like paper mache, except with thread.  What a mess!


It took a while to get the hang of wrapping and gluing, keeping the threads on the form and off of my fingers.


Securing the threads further. 


All done for now.  It has to dry and then I can remove the fiber form from the wood model.  Think of it like surgery!

As I was working, gravity gave me an idea.  I like the way the threads look hanging from the form during the wrapping.  I intend to mount the form in a falling position, like a sky diver before he pulls the parachute cord.  I will try mounting the form upside down and attaching more threads so that when it’s in it’s proper orientation, it will give the illusion of wind blowing the threads up as bzuazua-Leap-8the form is falling.

I’m so excited to see how this goes!

Let me know what you think!



By the way,  I have one fiber bowl decorated for Easter at my shop!Fiber Bowl for Easter

Launch Day!

shouting-from-the-rooftops!  Welcome!

If you found this blog because of the email I sent out, Thank You for taking some time to see what I’ve been up to!  (I was just informed that the font was really big…  Oops!  Another lesson learned:  simple font.)

Win one of my original art quilts!

To make things more interesting and fun you can enter a drawing to win one of my original art quilts : Scar Tissue: Flow!  It’s easy to enter:  just leave a comment  at the end of this post and I’ll put your name into the hat!  On April 18, we’ll draw the winner! 

Click for a larger view

Flow    2010     17.75” x 14.25”

About the Quilt & Fiber Arts Shop:

For those of you who are not familiar with Etsy, Wikipedia says it best:

Etsy is an e-commerce website focused on handmade or vintage items as well as art and craft supplies.  It has been compared to “a crafty cross between Amazon and eBay,”[2] and to “your grandma’s basement.”[

This is a fabulous opportunity for artists to sell our creations and offer credit card options at a reasonable cost.

bzuazua-instant-messages Instant Messages  2009  55.5 L x 44 W

If you didn’t find this blog via email:  Want to get a secret coupon code for 25% off?  Tell me in the comment box and I’ll email it to you!  The code is good until April 25.  That’s 2 weeks!

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One of the best things I do is offer customized Quilts, Art Quilts, Bags, Dolls, Baby Play Mats or whatever you have in mind.  On the upper right of this page you will see the widget that says “Made Just For You”.  There you can learn more about how I calculate the cost of custom made items.  I will be adding more information to that page as I have more samples available to view.  Just tell me what you have in mind and I will work hard to make your idea come to life.

See Dolls in the Quilt & Fiber Arts Shop

SkyGirl© Dolls are an original creation I’ve been developing over several years.  If you order a custom doll, you can choose your colors, fabrics, characteristics and hobbies specific to the recipient.  Read more about the process and the SkyGirl story.

And just a couple more thoughts

If you read on, particularly the post: The Art of Going Pro, you will see that few months have been quite busy and full of learning new things.   In the post you can see all of the resources I found and steps I took to get to where I am now.

Check the Workshops page to find information about workshops I offer at The Gallery On High in Pottstown, PA.  Every season I offer something new for beginners, kids and adults.  See the Summer Session post to see what’s coming up.

Thanks for visiting!!  Don’t forget to comment to enter the Quilt Drawing!


A Holograph Quilt?


I read about Holograph Quilts by Wen Redmond at the Quilting Arts Magazine website while looking for interesting and easy workshop ideas for the Summer Session at the Gallery School of Pottstown, PA.

The photographed image of a railroad tie with pebbles embedded in a crack looks blurry but it’s because the effect is hard to capture in a photo.  The trick is printing an image on paper backed organza (a light transparent fabric) and iron on transfer paper, which is then ironed onto heavy cut away stabilizer.  The organza is layered over the ironed on image so it’s a double image.  Seeing through the organza to the solid layer creates the effect of a holograph!  Meaning, the illusion of depth is created.  This is way cool!

The steps:bzuazua-pebbles1

I gathered supplies here you see: the hand dyed batik fabric, the image as a whole and the cut up image. I printed the organza and transfer paper 24 hours earlier, which is recommended for the organza.


Here you see that I’ve sewn the organza image pieces to strips of fabric. Organza is not a fun fabric to work with.  It wants to fray and distort.  Be very gentle.

At this point I was thinking about some surface design because if I messed up, I still hadn’t attached my borders.  I just got 4 new Shiva Sticks for my birthday (from me!) from Dharma Trading– I ordered the organza from them too.  So, I’ve always wanted to get these oil sticks and they are a dream!!!  So soft and vivid and very metallic.  I just made little circles and blended them with a stiff brush and heat set with a press cloth and hot iron.


Now, I deviated from Wen’s instructions in the article.  Instead I ironed the transfer onto one large sheet of heavy cut away stabilizer after marking the photo placement very carefully and ironed on the images.  When I placed the organza images over the solid image….. MAGIC!  Wow, it really works!

So after pinning in place all over, I started some free style quilting.  Because I used a large piece of heavy stabilizer, I don’t need a hoop!  Cool, huh?


Here, you see some quilting motifs going on.  The circles are gold metallic thread.  You can barely see the branches I stitched in brown.  I’m thinking I might use the blender iridescent Shiva stick to highlight…  ?  Dunno.  Ideas welcome!

I was thinking I might add some natural elements like some twigs and outside findings.  The image is a very close up of a railroad tie with pebbles embedded in the crack.

Thanks for reading!



Summer Session Workshops

zipper-monster-2  At the Gallery School of Pottstown, PA.

  Kids Beginner Sewing


This will be an interesting set of classes for kids who want to learn some sewing skills.

Over 4 weekly sessions we will make:

  • An appliqued and stamped pillowcase
  • A memory book for Mom & Dad 
  • A bedroom door banner
  •  And a Zipper Face Monster or a Rag Doll

bzuazua-fish-pillow      bzuazua-memory-book

Iron on applique pillowcase and Memory Book  

The children will learn:

  • How to use a sewing machine
  • Pattern making 
  • Making an iron-on applique (the fish on the pillow are ironed on!)
  • How to sew a button

And we will also paint, stamp, and embellish! 

        zipper-monster-1   bzuazua-rag-doll

Zipper Face Monster’s mouth opens to reveal sharp teeth!  Vampire bat  Or make a rag doll

Each child will receive the materials needed for each project and illustrated instructions for future reference.

4 sessions:  Thursdays 10:30 to Noon

June 30, July 7, July14, July 21

$95 (member), $105 (non-member) At the Gallery School of Pottstown. Plus $5 materials fee payable to the instructor

Check the Gallery On High Classes links for many other classes for kids and adults.