SkyGirl for Audrianna

There is a little girl in OK who is patiently awaiting her very own SkyGirl.   Audrianna suffers from a rare syndrome called Prader-Willi Syndrome. Her mom tells me she’s a doll collector and I wanted to send her one just because I can. sg-design-2

The orangey doll is showing her back with the stamped heart with wings design. Inside the heart I used a sharpie to write:

SkyGirl, the doll’s name, and year. I also signed the doll.

On her chest is a red glittery heart.

I made several dresses today because I couldn’t decide on the fabrics I wanted to use. It occurred to me that I could sell extra dresses separately! I’d have to figure out the cost but it would certainly be rather inexpensive.

The other idea I had, which I need to look into further, is to donate dolls to Children’s Hospitals. Particularly St. Christopher’s in Phila. because I was a patient there when I was 6 years old. Now, I don’t think I could supply hundreds… But what if it was a “you buy one, I’ll donate one” kind of deal? Or gather members of Philly Handmade to pool together on this idea? It needs some more thought and brainstorming. But this would be a great community gift.

While working on her doll, and some others, I had the idea of making a stamp label! 


I just use a cheap Speedball stamp carver I picked up at Michael’s Craft’s store for about $5.  I got the carving materials you see here at Dick Blick.  It’s a very soft material that reminds me of an eraser.  Carves like butta!  From one of the small cut-away pieces, I made a tiny heart with SG in the center.  


Stamp carving is one of those things I adore doing.  It’s just fabulous to have your very own originals for fabric design and now as a face template and the base for labels for my dolls.

The past week was way long and I didn’t get a lot of work done.   Today I am recharged and it feels great to be back in the studio!

Have a great week!!




6 responses to “SkyGirl for Audrianna

  1. Love the doll – she would make anyone feel good! What a great idea. I need to get some stamp carving supplies. I have just been using an xacto knife and white erasers from walmart. They work okay but are pretty small. Hmmm, I think I need to make a stamp/logo to put on the back of my artwork…. Your blog is inspiring! Thanks!

  2. thanks Suzan. Your opinion means a lot to me.

  3. I LOVE your doll Barbara, she is adorable. I’m sure she’ll be loved and cherished.

  4. Janis Tull Williams

    Audrianna loves her doll. She says to tell you”thank you” and she named her doll Maddie. The doll is great. I really really like the hair. I was trying to share this page with my facebook friends but I couldnt figure out if there was a way to do it or not. Thanks for the reference to Prader-Willi-Syndrome.


    • Maddie is a great name!! You got the link on your page alright, I saw it. I appreciate you sharing it. You’re welcome for everything. It wasn’t a real big deal, really. I just like to help when I can.
      I’m glad you like your doll Audrianna! XO!

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