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I make multi-media art in the form of quilts. Typical elements I use in my art nod to symbolism, Bohemian spirit, strong color and strong contrast to convey my subject. One of the reasons I love working with quilts is the problem solving in construction. Over all, this medium allows me the freedom to borrow from practically any other art form and integrate it into the quilt.

A wide range of people enjoy art quilts. Many are intrigued because they never thought of quilts in this form before. They want to reach out and touch them because the physical texture is so inviting. I observed people of all ages and walks of life drawn to my quilts for many reasons and they always express fascination with the unique nature of the art.

I’d love to hear from you!  Feel free to contact me with questions about a quilt and/ or commission work.  I also have an Etsy store with great gift ideas!

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clip_image001[54]      SAQA  2008 to present

o   Studio Art Quilt Associates.  International Guild supporting and promoting the art of art quilts.

clip_image001[55]      The Gallery School of Pottstown / The Gallery on High 2009 to present

o   I am a member and teaching artist with this wonderful non profit organization that strives to promote art for everyone in the community of Pottstown Pa.



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