Custom Quilts

I truly love making custom quilts. Your requests inspire my creativity!stencil-flower-11 If you don’t see what you’re looking for, Please contact me at  to discuss it. I can design any type of motif your heart desires!

The economy is tough and I have been working on this formula to deliver a wonderful, custom designed, high quality product for the lowest price I can afford to offer.

Here’s How It Works:

  • Orders can be made through my Etsy Shop : Click on “Request Custom Item” link on the left side of the page under Shop Info. Or email me at
  • Scroll down and use this guide to make your decisions:
    • Layout
    • Motifs, if you want any.
    • Color Palette
    • Size

The quilt can be done in as little as 2 weeks as long as I don’t have too many commitments.  I will give you a time frame when you contact me.

Easy and Affordable Design Choices

1. Choose your Layout

A. Central Motif, Borders and Border Blocks.  Example is a finished special order baby quilt.Central Motif, Border Blocksbaby-bear-2011 

B.  Horizontal Layout with Sashing.  Example shows a silk screened design in each block. Horizonal Layout with Sashingstencil-flower-9

C.  Central Motif with Multiple Borders.  Example is computer generated.

Central Motif, Multiple borders

mommy and baby bird crib

D.  Irregular Blocks.  Example is computer generated.

irregular patches

irregular squares with inset squares

E.  Strip Quilt with random blocks.  Example is computer generated.

strip quilt w squaresstrip quilt w flower motifs


2. Choose a Motif, If you wish

These are a very few of what can be done.  If you don’t see what you want, please let me know.  I can easily draw up whatever you would like.  A motif design is not necessary for quilts like the Irregular Blocks or Strip Quilts.  However, a silk screened or stamped motif over a finished quilt for further design interest is very attractive, as shown in the strip quilt example above.

I will decide whether a motif works best as an applique, silk screened or embroidered design.  Or a combination of any of these.  

Hover over an image for a description name.  I can draw up anything!  Just ask!

fierce fishbird motifwacky bulls eyeatomiccatalienbulls eyeclover flowerheart motifheart w arrowswirl and dots






3.  Choose your palette bzuazua-charm-quilt

  • If you are matching a quilt to a room, take a photo of items with colors you like. 
  • Or, Tell me your favorite colors and I will make choices for you.  You will have a chance to approve the colors before I start to work.
  • Color Hunter is a fabulous source for finding a palette you like easily.  If you click on a color chip, you will get more palettes in that family.  Save to favorite and email me the link in your address bar.  Easy!


4.  Choose Your Size

Lap Quilt, Sofa 58” x 58” $300
Wheel Chair Lap Quilt 38” x 47” $160
Play Mat 36” x 36”   $120
Crib Quilt 40” x 50” $180
Twin Quilt 73” x 96” $630
Queen Quilt 99” x 99” $880
Wall Quilt Determined by your space please inquire
  • A nonrefundable deposit of 20% is due upon ordering. When the quilt is finished, I will send photographs. The remaining balance will then be due for shipping.
  • Installment payments are available through PayPal. Contact me if you wish to use this option.

Recap:  Easy Step by Step processstencil-flower-10

  1. Scroll through and choose options from each section and jot down your choices.
  2. Contact me at  List your choices and any special requests.  If you like, include your phone number.  I’ll call you and we can go over the process together.
  3. We will set up a custom order via Etsy.  If you wish to spread payments out, we will set up an installment plan via PayPal.  A non-refundable deposit of 20% is required for me to begin work.
  4. I will send you a computer generated mock up of your quilt for approval.
  5. I will complete the quilt within a quoted amount of time.
  6. When the quilt is completed, I will send photos and request the remaining balance.  When payment is received, I will ship the quilt to you.

Some more examples…

irregular patches with swirl motifatomic cat

Contact me and we can get to work!!

SkyGirl© Dolls

Highly collectable SkyGirl© Dolls are made with a lot of love and amazing details. SkyGirls are meant to be like a totem. A reminder of the strength of feminity; a balance between girly-girl and tomboy.bzuazua-doll2-fancy-pantiesEach doll has long yarn hair, a distinctive jumper dress with a zig-zag hem, heirloom stitched blouse, long hand painted striped legs, and cute boots. If you look under her dress, you’ll see she’s wearing fancy panties and lacey garters!   She even has button joints at her shoulders and thighs and her arms and legs are wired for posing.bzuazua-stand

Each doll has a custom made stand with her name and birthday painted on it.  But she can be removed from the stand and you can seat her comfortably any way you like.


The doll can be customized to the recipient in many ways:

  • colors
  • hobbies
  • profession
  • size
  • expression
  • eyes:  sequins, buttons, or painted.  Or an idea you have.

Dolls shown are 23” tall with stand

23” doll $145
12” doll, simpler design $25
bzuazua-doll2-sparlkly-eyes bzuazua-doll3-details


The 12” dolls are just as sweet.

I just streamlined the process and don’t use quite the same detail.  But the dolls have all of the same basic characteristics.  I can adjust the design for you.  Depending on how elaborate you want the doll to be, the base price is $25.

12-inch-SkyGirlsBlossom-3     Sally-1

These dolls are ideal for little girls..  Please specify if buttons should not be used.

Contact me and we can get to work!!



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