imageThought Processes.   This series explores ideas, memories, data, thought, creativity and any action of the mind connecting logic to creativity.  I try to visually  express connections and movement between one realm to another.
imageScar Tissue  I call this series “Scar Tissue” because the process makes me think of the many ways people incorporate experiences in their life story.  Some experiences have to be worked into the narrative through deeper understanding.  The experiences are “stitched” together and sometimes leave behind “scars” that heal, but mark the life forever.
imageX’s & O’s   This series is inspired by the crossbeams of the Ben Franklin Bridge and optical illusions I saw at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia Pa.

The idea is simple.   The design is all about exploring the X and O shapes.  I was surprised by all of the options!

Earlier Works  Works previous to 2010.

Dissected  2009


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