Scar Tissue

grow_thumbI call this series “Scar Tissue” because the process makes me think of the many ways people incorporate experiences in their life story.  Some experiences have to be worked into the narrative through deeper understanding.  The experiences are “stitched” together and sometimes leave behind “scars” that heal, but mark the life forever.And, of course, the joining threads kind of look like surgical stitches.




17.75” x 14.25”




13.5” x 12”





15.5” x 17”

The Process:thread-bucket
I save all the cut off threads and yarns that my hands touch and they go into this little bucket.  When I have enough, I layer them all over tulle and stabilizer.  I’ll arrange special yarns and tiny cut up pieces of fabrics and sequins in appealing ways.  Sometimes I’ll sprinkle some Angelina Fibers on top. Then when I’m happy with this I layer more tulle on top and sew like crazy all over the “fabric” until not one thread will stray away.  I’ve seen lots of stuff made of this “lacy” fabric:  slippers, hats, and bags.
fb0003_bBowl, black feathers 2009
fb0001_bBowl,  turquoise feathers  2009
fb0004_cBowl, pink beaded
My first application for this technique was making bowls.  I attached beads, feathers and decorative buttons to dress them up. After a while, I really wanted to come up with something original.After a lot of experimentation, I came up with the idea to cut the fiber fabric in puzzle type shapes and piece them back leaving space in between.  I use metallic thread for this usually.  I call this “bridging”.

Then I make a quilted frame to support the work.  In some cases, I add aluminum shapes that are sometimes punched.



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