Thought Processes


This series is very exciting to work on!  I was inspired by Gustav Klimt, famous for “The Kiss”.  I love his use of pattern and gold leafing.

I looked at paintings like “The Kiss” and others and started piecing scraps into random squares, mixing sizes, textures and colors, making sure to go heavy on black.  From there I used paint to add further details.  Then I used gold paint and thread carefully to highlight certain elements.

If you look at Klimt’s paintings you will notice fluidity; graceful curves swimming through the canvas.  He does this with the cloaks on the figures in “Kiss”.  For my purpose, I chose to add curved piecing.  This element makes me think of the divide between the two sides of the brain.

To represent things like ideas, memories, and data, I pieced ovals and set them in to imply movement from one realm to another:  Consciousness and Subconscious.

The Life and Work of Gustav Klimt is a wonderful website full of information and images.

Seeds of Understanding 


21.5” x 12”




Ideas Forming


18” x 13.75” 


I’m still working on several more quilts in this series.  One is quite large.  I will add more images as I complete the works.