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I Missed You!

DSC04248Oh Boy!  What a crazy few months I’ve just had!  I haven’t been able to work at my usual level of activity and could just barely type.  A recent MRI revealed that I have some arthritis in the C5, C6, and C7 discs.  This has been causing all kinds of pain with overactive nerves through my neck, left shoulder, left arm and numbness in my left hand fingers.  A combination of Physical Therapy over the past 4 months, exercise and relearning good posture are working. 

Good News:

The past week has been the best since spring!  I’ve been finishing up several quilts that I’ve been trying to wrap up for quite a while:

The baby quilt below was a special order just delivered this week.

Special Order Baby Quilt












bzuazua-Leap-8I’ve also been working on perfecting my fiber human figures for Craft Forms 2012.  One of the biggest problems I’ve been facing is how to display them.  Just yesterday I fabricated a base out of aluminum and some kind of pliable heavy gauge wire with a nice chrome finish.  I’m still working on stability issues.

My Family Grew… A lot!

wed 1

I don’t usually talk about family online usually but I have to share this lovely picture of my son, Bobby, his new wife Amanda and their son Dylan on their wedding day, September 10.   I am so proud…  and I could not have predicted how emotional I became.  Tears of joy flowed aplenty! 

The back story

Bobby was adopted as a baby by a loving couple because I was very young and not able to care for a child.  I always missed him and thought about him frequently over these past 25 years.  I never kept his existence a secret and hoped he would find me someday. 

In this process patience and openness is key.

Bobby and Amanda got to work looking for me in the spring and contacted me on Mother’s day this year via Facebook (!).  This has been a big part of the craziness in life.  These past few months have been full of so many emotions from fear to elation.  At times it was even paralyzing.  I can’t begin to describe the shock and then the worry about how the discovery would work out.  I had no worries about my 19 y.o. daughter; she could not wait to start a relationship!  She waited her whole life to meet her big brother.  I also have a 10 y.o. son who I was concerned about.  He was very matter of fact about the news.  Over the past few months he has enjoyed texting his big brother and taking his time with this.  Of course there were their children to consider too.  The baby is very laid back and is always easy with me.  The little girl, age 7, seems to think this is a cool development.  And, of course, the adoptive family.  I met his mother a few weeks back and it was amazing.  There is certainly a connection that runs deep between us.  I met other family members, including his dad at the wedding.  His dad had a wonderful reaction.  He was warm and apologized for staring.  He was taking in the resemblance between Bobby and me.  That was amazing to hear.  Bobby also has a little sister who I only spoke with for a few minutes that seems to be very sweet. 

We’ve spent time together with our families several times and it’s been a patient process of getting to know each other.  Bobby and his new little sister, Ari, have been growing especially close.   I even got to babysit my grandbaby when they had their bachelor / bachelorette party!

So, not only did I reunite with my son, who I missed terribly, I gained a daughter in law, who I love to pieces.  Incredibly, I have an amazing, adorable grandson  and, a little girl, Amanda’s daughter, who is just as adorable and feisty suddenly in my life.  There are still these sort of uncertainties of who I am and how I fit into things but over time, things will sort out.  They asked me what the kids should call me and what grandma names are already being used.  I’m still trying to figure that out.

This is a new path in the journey of my life that I thought might never happen.  The only thing I can say is that I feel truly blessed and very thankful.

I didn’t mean to say so much on this topic but as I write it, I realize that I am embracing my truth and I would have loved to find this kind of a post when I was reeling with disbelief and uncertainty of the beginning days of this journey.

Back to work for me!  I’m working hard to meet the deadlines for Art Quilt Elements and Craft Forms  both to exhibit during the SAQA Conference 2012 in the Philadelphia area.

More pictures of work in progress and finished pieces to come soon!

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