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New Look. You like?

Ever since I was a girl I had to change my environment at least 4 times a year.  I’d find a used cardboard box and suddenly I’d have an idea to make a wall unit or a side table in my room.  This would lead to me moving the furniture around and revamping the whole darn thing!  The vision of a box could inspire so much!

I’m still that way.

  Not as bad as before though…  When my son was an infant and I became a stay at home mom I would get bored very quickly during his long naps.  I had been away from my art for a number of years.  So, I would express my creativity in my home.  It became normal to my husband to come home to see a room completely repainted and reorganized.  The first couple of times were very funny.  The look on his face was priceless!


The old banner.  Kinda cute…   but…

I began this blogging journey and upgrading my home business starting back in February and with so much to do, I had to make all of my blog images rather quickly.  I was happy with it for a little while but it didn’t feel like “me”.

The heart with wings image is actually a photograph of a thread painting I made for a workshop I taught last summer.  It kept coming back to me as an important image.  I’m so glad I finally got to work with it.

Needing a change and a diversion, I decided to revamp my blog’s look.  I’m happy for now.  Ahhhhh.  The feeling of newness is bliss.

I want to do a bit more like adding a blog roll.  Not sure how to customize that yet.  I’d love to add some of the feeds I follow.  Now back to making a baby quilt.

So, what do you think?  Let me know!

………’til the tie dyes…………






Summer Session Workshops

zipper-monster-2  At the Gallery School of Pottstown, PA.

  Kids Beginner Sewing


This will be an interesting set of classes for kids who want to learn some sewing skills.

Over 4 weekly sessions we will make:

  • An appliqued and stamped pillowcase
  • A memory book for Mom & Dad 
  • A bedroom door banner
  •  And a Zipper Face Monster or a Rag Doll

bzuazua-fish-pillow      bzuazua-memory-book

Iron on applique pillowcase and Memory Book  

The children will learn:

  • How to use a sewing machine
  • Pattern making 
  • Making an iron-on applique (the fish on the pillow are ironed on!)
  • How to sew a button

And we will also paint, stamp, and embellish! 

        zipper-monster-1   bzuazua-rag-doll

Zipper Face Monster’s mouth opens to reveal sharp teeth!  Vampire bat  Or make a rag doll

Each child will receive the materials needed for each project and illustrated instructions for future reference.

4 sessions:  Thursdays 10:30 to Noon

June 30, July 7, July14, July 21

$95 (member), $105 (non-member) At the Gallery School of Pottstown. Plus $5 materials fee payable to the instructor

Check the Gallery On High Classes links for many other classes for kids and adults.